Requesting UCSF Deposit Supplies

Requesting UCSF Deposit Supplies

Departments send requests for UCSF deposit supplies to the Controller's Office Cash Operations Team.

Initial Request for Deposit Supplies

To obtain the first set of deposit supplies (endorsement stamp, deposit slips and bags) for your department (department does not have a previously established deposit location number), email the following details to [email protected]:

  • Dept ID and Dept ID Description
  • Department name for deposit stamp
  • Department Box # for deposit stamp
  • Department contact name
  • Department contact phone
  • Department contact email
  • Full USPS delivery address and contact name for supplies order (no abbreviations for street or building name)
  • Business purpose(s) generating payments
  • Estimated monthly deposit - you can include a range (example 0-100)
    • Number of deposits
    • Total monthly dollar amount

Deposit supplies are shipped by Bank of America to your department address. The Cash Operations Team will provide your four-digit deposit location number. 

Restocking Deposit Supplies

To re-order deposit slips, email the following details to [email protected]:

  • Deposit location number
  • Full delivery address (no abbreviations for street or building name)
  • Contact name for delivery mailing address
  • Business purpose(s) generating payments
    • As stated in the original request for deposit supplies
    • Any change from, or addition to, the original business purpose(s)

Get Assistance

If you have questions regarding deposit supplies, contact the Cash Operations Team at [email protected].