Award Modifications and Budget Adjustments

Award Modification

When project modifications (i.e., revised budgets, no-cost extensions, etc.) are necessary, principal investigators/departments must provide adequate justification and ensure required approvals are obtained.

Modifications such as those listed below, typically require approval from the sponsor, RMS as well as CGA.

  • Change in scope
  • Change in Key Personnel
  • Supplemental Funding
  • Budgeting Revisions *
  • Carryover Funding *
  • Sponsor approved No-Cost Extension (NCE)
  • rant Transfers

* If pre-approved by the sponsor, these items can be requested of CGA directly.

Budget Revisions

In order to effectively manage sponsored awards, CGA and the departments must work together to ensure budgets are accurately reflected in the UCSF financial system. To enable reporting of budgets as approved by the sponsor in the award agreement, CGA has implemented various methods to record any budget adjustments that may be necessary.

  • Award Modifications Page in RAS
    • If an award does not require sponsor approval for carryforward, CGA will adjust the Award Modifications page in RAS to reflect the carryforward moving from one year to the next. The Auto Budget process will use the information on the Award Modifications page to generate a journal approximately two days after the date it was added.
  • Budget Adjustment Journals
    • For all other instances in which changes to the budget cannot be recorded by adjusting the Awards Modifications page, a manual budget adjustment journal must be prepared. The following source codes are used for budget appropriations and adjustments
    • The following source codes used are used for budget appropriations and adjustments.
Source Code Title Purpose


Budget Adjustment Journals – Spon Proj Bud (Dept)

For departments to re-allocate expenses between expense accounts, Dept ID or Projects within the same Award and/or Activity Period.


Budget Adjustment Journals –

Spon Proj Bud (CGA)

Used exclusively by CGA to record the initial award budget


Budget Adjustment Journals –

Spon Proj Bud Carryforward (CGA)

Used exclusively by CGA to record carry forward adjustments between award budget periods/ RAS activity periods


Budget Adjustment Journals –

Spon Proj Bud Other (CGA)

Used exclusively by CGA to record additional sponsored funding generated by activity outside of sponsor control, e.g. STIP, currency exchange fluctuations, etc.

For detailed information on preparing budget entries, refer to the Budget Adjustment Journals job aid.