Donating to UCSF or the UCSF Foundation

Thank you for your interest in making a gift to the University or California, San Francisco. We are grateful for your support!

To make a gift to UC San Francisco or the UCSF Foundation please visit Giving to UCSF for more information including what to support and ways to give. Following are specific instructions on how to make donations by wire transfer, donating stock and mutual funds, and accepting Credit Card donations manually when unable to do so on the Giving to UCSF site.

Wire Transfer Donations


For domestic wires, please make arrangements to wire your donation using the following instructions:

State Street Bank & Trust Co.
Boston, MA
UCSF Foundation - TWE1
Bank Account Number
Bank ABA/Routing Number
Please include name of donor sending the wire

To ensure accurate handling and allow us to instruct State Street Bank to accept your wire on behalf of the UCSF Foundation, please also fax (415-476-5083) or send a confirming email ([email protected]) with the following information:

  • Date UCSF Foundation should expect the wire
  • Dollar amount
  • Donor
  • UCSF program you would like your gift to support


For information on making an international wire transfer, please contact UCSF Foundation’s Gift Administration Team.

Stock and Mutual Fund Donations

Electronic Transfer or DTC Instructions

Electronic, or DTC, transfer is the fastest and most secure method for donating securities.

Step 1: Submit the Stock and Mutual Fund Donation Form

Submit the Stock and Mutual Fund Donation Form to the UCSF Foundation Gift Administration Team by email or fax prior to initiating the transfer of securities to UCSF Foundation's brokerage account at State Street Global Markets.

This form serves as the notification of your intent to donate securities. Prior notification is critical to identifying your gift of securities as donor information does not transmit through the DTC system.

Your donation will not be complete until you notify UCSF Foundation of your intent to donate securities by submitting the Stock and Mutual Fund Donation Form, and until shares are received in UCSF Foundation's State Street Global Markets Brokerage account.

Step 2: Instruct Your Broker

Deliver to
State Street Global Markets
0226 NFSC
Further credit to account
AB2 037278
Account name
Donor's name
In order to properly credit your donation, your broker must include your name in the reference.

Transfer of Mutual Funds

Transferring ownership of mutual fund shares, unlike DTC-eligible securities that may be exchanged almost simultaneously between two legal entities, requires special handling and can take longer to complete.

Step 1

Send a completed Stock and Mutual Fund Donation Form to the UCSF Foundation by fax (415.476.5083) or by email ([email protected])

Step 2

Notify your broker or mutual fund company of your intention to donate mutual fund shares to the UCSF Foundation

Step 3

UCSF Foundation will coordinate the process with your broker or mutual fund company

Your donation will not be complete until shares are received by the UCSF Foundation.

Transfer of Securities Held in Certificate Form in Your Name

Please contact the UCSF Foundation Gift Administration Team for information about the process for transferring securities held in certificate form in your name.

Credit Card Donations

If you need to accept a donor's gift by credit card and are unable to access the online giving form to have the donor enter their own information online, complete the Credit Card Donation Form and carefully follow the included instructions to ensure receipt of the gift.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the UCSF Foundation Gift Administration Team.