Replace a Lost or Missing Paycheck

If you did not receive your paycheck, have a damaged paycheck, or have a paycheck more than 180 days old, please contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center for assistance.

Paychecks Not Received Due to Administrative Error

The Controller's Office Solution Center (COSC) will help determine if a check was issued or if there was an administrative error that resulted in a check not being issued for the pay cycle in question. If it is determined that there was an administrative error, the COSC will provide you with the appropriate contact to obtain your missing check.

To Request a Replacement Check

Employees that have misplaced a check are asked to wait 2 business days to see if the original check can be found.

If it is determined that your check was lost in the mail or has passed the stale date, you must:

  1. Fill out a Replacement Check Affidavit form. HR can fill out the form on your behalf, but the employee must sign it.
  2. Send the completed and signed form to Payroll Processing or eFax to the Payroll Office.

Upon receipt of the completed form by the Payroll Office, the original check will be stopped and a new one will be issued. Reissued payments can be requested as:

  • Paper Check to be received in 1 to 2 business days either mailed to the address indicated on the affidavit or picked up at the Controller’s Office.
  • Direct Deposit / EFT to be received within 3 to 4 business days