Using Tracker I-9 Complete

Using Tracker I-9 Complete

UCSF uses the web-based application Tracker I-9 Complete for Form I-9 and E-Verify processes for UCSF employees. 

Requesting Access to Tracker I-9 Complete

System access will be granted to Human Resources and Payroll staff who process I-9 forms or perform E‑Verify actions. To request access, review your request with your supervisor to ensure I-9 processing should be a part of your job responsibilities before submitting your access request. 

UCSF Campus HR Users

Contact Esther Carmona

UCSF Health Users

Contact Laura Pruden

Using Tracker I-9 Complete

Tracker I‐9 Complete supports management of Form I‐9 employment eligibility documentation across UCSF, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and centralized control. Authorized users can create new and modify existing Form I‑9 records and E‐Verify cases using the web‐based user interface.  The application supports electronic storage and electronic signatures.  More information about Tracker I-9 Complete, including a user manual, is available at the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) I-9 Complete website.

View the PowerPoint deck used in the initial Tracker I-9 Complete go-live training.

Authorized users log on to Tracker I-9 Complete via MyAccess.

New employees will receive an email with a link to Tracker I-9 Complete.  The employee will fill out Section 1 and receive instructions on the rest of the process.  Employees do not need a login to complete their required information in Tracker I-9 Complete. 

Tracker I-9 Complete Contacts

To get more help with Tracker I-9 Complete, contact your Tracker I-9 Complete administrator:

If you have questions about Form I-9 or E-Verify, contact the Controller's Office Solution Center.