Getting Started with MyReports

MyReports is UCSF’s campus-wide reporting solution that provides financial and human resources data to meet the needs of users at all levels within our organization. At a glance MyReports enables users to view data to answer questions including:

  • Research day-to-day transaction questions such as “has this invoice been paid” or “did payroll expense get charged to the correct projects for my department”
  • Look at your operations to determine the net position for all the funds and/or projects in your department or to compare actual revenues and expenses to your department’s plan
  • Manage your department’s financial activity by reviewing trends, comparing current year versus prior year quarterly variance, and utilizing other management reports
  • Use HR Data reports to review employee appointments and distributions, and to determine what future actions may be required

Only Faculty/Principal Investigators are automatically provisioned with the MyReports faculty role.  All other users request access through their managers and Department Access Administrators.

For a quick overview to get started using MyReports, new users should review the Filtering and Running Reports and Managing and Scheduling MyFavorites job aids or view the MyReports Video Training Series:

Click the corresponding button below for the video you want to view:


Consult the Reports Descriptions by Tab and Recommended Reports by Role quick reference guides to determine which reports are most likely to match your data needs.  You should also review Understanding Net Position, Interpreting Plan and Forecast Data in MyReports, and MyReports Compensation Types to be sure you understand the data you are viewing.

The tabs you can view within MyReports depend on your access role.  In MyReports, reports are organized by tab.  A detailed step-by-step job aid for each reports is available in these tabs/categories:  

Be sure to sign up for the MyReports listserv and read the monthly Controller's Office Newsletter to get the latest information.  You can also review a list of MyReports Enhancements