Salary Cost Transfer Defects Related to Recent Enhancement - Update

As previously reported, we are experiencing several defects as a result of the recent enhancement to redistribute prior period leave transactions using the funding source in effect on the earnings end date of the leave transaction recorded in HBS. Due to these defects, we have made the decision to remove UCSF from the enhanced process. We are working with the UCPath Center to address all defects related to this enhancement and hope to opt back into the process once they are resolved.

UCSF will be removed from the enhanced process as of the March 2021 monthly pay cycle. When performing salary cost transfers for paychecks issued on or after March 1, transactions in the Earnings details section will resemble transactions posted in December and prior months.

Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers will continue to see January and February paychecks distributed with the enhanced redistribution lines, including leave reported by day and negative offsets of the reg-like earnings. As a result, Salary Cost Transfer Initiators may continue to experience the reported defects when transferring distribution lines for these paychecks. Please continue to review salary cost transfers for January and February closely and report any occurrence of the reported defects to the Controller’s Office Solution Center. For further guidance on managing salary cost transfers for January and February paychecks, watch a thirteen-minute recording from a recent office hours session (MyAccess login required).