Salary Cost Transfer Defects Related to Recent Enhancements

As announced in February, UCPath delivered an enhancement to redistribute prior period leave transactions using the funding source in effect on the earnings end date of the leave transaction recorded in HBS. UCSF has identified several defects related to salary cost transfers as a result of the implementation of this new functionality.

The items listed below are under investigation by the UCPath Center.

  1. The N-OTC indicator is no longer unique to only one chartstring on the Direct Retro Salary Cap / MCOP Funding worksheet. For example, you may see the N-OTC001 up-to-the-cap identifier attached to two different chartstrings in the Direct Retro MCOP Worksheet.

    As a result, when moving from the Direct Retro Salary Cap / MCOP Funding worksheet to the Preview page, the system is mixing up the fund and award values between distribution lines and creating an invalid chartstring combination on the Direct Retro Preview Page. Most likely users will receive a combo/edit error, but may not depending on what fund-project combination UCPath derives.

  2. When moving from the Direct Retro Salary Cap / MCOP Funding Worksheet to the Preview page, the system is not retaining the correct percent of effort and earnings amounts for the Y-OTC distribution lines.

    In some cases, the system is also incorrectly calculating the new data amounts (e.g., displaying a negative percent of effort with positive earnings amounts or inflated Y-OTC earnings amounts when compared to percent of pay).

  3. When moving from the Direct Retro Salary Cap / MCOP Funding MCOP Worksheet to the Preview page, the system is miscalculating the total percent of pay and/or percent of effort. Users will receive the error that the "% of effort exceeds 100%" or the "new data % of effort does not match the old data % of effort."

    If you encounter these errors you can confirm this issue by extracting the Preview page results to Excel and summing the Percent of Pay column and Percent of Effort column. If either column exceeds 100%, please open a ticket with the Controller’s Office Solution Center for further assistance.

Salary Cost Transfer Initiators should determine if they are experiencing any of these issues during data entry by carefully reviewing final results on the Preview page. If you encounter any of the above mentioned issues, do not submit your transaction. Please report any occurrence of these issues to the Controller’s Office Solution Center.

Updates on these issues will be posted on the System Information page of the UCPath at UCSF website. You can review all known issues related to salary cost transfers on the System Information page.