Reminders: Year-End Fiscal Close

Refer to the following resources and dates to ensure you are prepared for fiscal year-end close activities.


If you are responsible for any year-end close activities and were unable to attend the Year-End Close Presentation held on May 31, watch the recorded session and review presentation slides on the Controller's Office website.

Year-End Key Dates 2022

As we prepare for year-end, note the following key dates:

  • June Prelim Close: Wednesday, July 13
  • June Interim Close: Friday, July 22
  • June Control Point Final Close: Wednesday, July 27

These key dates and other close deadlines are available on the General Ledger Monthly Schedule.

Guidelines for Transferring Across Funds

As a reminder, rules for making transfers across funds using net position transfers or expense reclassifications are established by Budget and Resource Management. Refer to Guidelines for Transferring Monies Across Funds (opens in new window) available on the Budget and Resource Management website should you have questions or need clarification.

Claiming Cash, ACH, and Wires

Journals to claim cash, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and wire payments in this fiscal year must be submitted and locally approved by 5 p.m. on July 7. If you need assistance, review how to identify and claim cash, ACH, and wire payments or get help during office hours on July 5 (opens in new window) (MyAccess login required).

Scheduling Reports

You can use the scheduling feature in MyReports to automate production and delivery of your reports for the June Prelim, Interim, and Final Close. To use this feature, schedule your desired reports to run "At campus month-end close." The MySchedule function will deliver the report the day after the close date (e.g., on Thursday, July 14 for June Prelim) and notify the designated recipients by email. Read more about fiscal year-end and MyReports.


If you have questions about fiscal year-end close, contact General Accounting & Reporting at [email protected].