Parnassus Campus Drop Safe Location to Move in May 2023

On Friday, May 12, 2023, the location of the drop safe on the Parnassus Campus will move to Millberry Union East (MUE), Room 232A.

Depositors may use the current drop safe location at the Millberry Union: G Level, Room G3 until Thursday, May 11. The drop safe is scheduled to be available for deposit at the new location beginning at noon on May 12.

Access to the new drop safe location will require both card reader badge access to Millberry Union East and door code access to Room 232A. Instructions for requesting access to the new drop safe location will be emailed to cash handlers as soon as they are available.

The Controller’s Office maintains a list of alternative drop safe locations across UCSF. If you have questions regarding the drop safe at the Millberry Union, contact [email protected].