UC Common Chart of Accounts Brings Accounting Changes on July 1, 2023

Update: A previous version of this announcement incorrectly stated that “Function Code 76 – Auxiliary Enterprise should only be used with Auxiliary Fund 5300.” It has been revised to reflect that Function Code 76 should only be used with Fund 5030.

As previously announced, UC's Office of the President (UCOP) has established a new Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA) that is standardized across UC systemwide financial applications. UCOP designed the CCOA to create consistency at the systemwide level while allowing UC locations to maintain local charts of accounts within the established framework.

The Controller’s Office Accounting & Reporting team is leading the initiative to comply with the new CCOA standards by July 1, 2023. Although the structure of our UCSF chart of accounts is not changing, we need to change some of our accounting procedures in order to correctly report financial activity to UCOP in a way that conforms to the new CCOA. The Accounting & Reporting team has discussed these accounting changes with impacted UCSF departments.

Financial administrators responsible for preparing and approving journals, establishing SpeedTypes, and determining how to record expenses in the General Ledger should review the following changes and update local accounting procedures accordingly. All changes will be in effect on July 1, 2023.


What's Changing?

1. Journal Combo Edit Validation Rules

The following new journal entry combo edit rules will be in effect on July 1, 2023.

  • The following subcontract services accounts should be used with sponsored funds only.
    • 51311 - Subaward exp <= $25k 3rd party
    • 51312 - Subaward exp >$25,000 3rd party
    • 51313 - Subaward to other UC campus
  • Account 51314 - Subaward exp 3rd party NonSpon will be created to record subaward expenses for non-sponsored funds.
  • Function Code 76 - Auxiliary Enterprise should only be used with Auxiliary Fund 5030.
  • Function Code 78 - Financial Aid cannot be used with salary expense accounts.
  • Medical Center salary expense accounts 50910 through 50925 can only be used with UCSF Health Business Units.

As a reminder, PeopleSoft Financials will prevent the use of chartfield combinations that do not pass these validations. Be sure to also update any journal templates and SpeedTypes, including those used for BearBuy purchases and recharge journals.

Use the PeopleSoft SpeedType Search and Chartfield Validator available from MyAccess (opens in new window) to confirm valid chartfield combinations following the new rules.

2. Intercampus Recharges and UCOP Allocations

The Controller's Office General Accounting team will use the following new account codes for intercampus recharges and UCOP allocations.

Intercampus Recharge: Expense Accounts

Account Description
77301 UCB-Recharge Expense
77303 UCD-Recharge Expense
77304 UCLA-Recharge Expense
77305 UCR-Recharge Expense
77306 UCSD-Recharge Expense
77307 UCSC-Recharge Expense
77308 UCSB-Recharge Expense
77309 UCI-Recharge Expense
77310 UCM-Recharge Expense
77311 UCOP-Recharge Expense

Intercampus Recharge: Revenue Accounts

Account Description
77201 UCB-Recharge Revenue
77203 UCD-Recharge Revenue
77204 UCLA-Recharge Revenue
77205 UCR-Recharge Revenue
77206 UCSD-Recharge Revenue
77207 UCSC-Recharge Revenue
77208 UCSB-Recharge Revenue
77209 UCI-Recharge Revenue
77210 UCM-Recharge Revenue
77211 UCOP-Recharge Revenue

UCOP Allocations

Account Description
55604 Trf-Legal Support exp from OP
55605 Trf-Legal external exp from OP
52504 Trf-Utilities exp from OP
55057 Trf-Computer svc exp from OP
52309 Trf-Other operating exp from OP
57351 Trf-Vehicle Insurance exp fr OP
54252 Trf-malpractice Insurance exp fr OP
49119 Trf-Other revenue from OP

These transactions are used to eliminate recharge activities on the UC systemwide consolidated financial statements and must conform to the new CCOA reporting requirements.

3. Funds on Balance Sheet Accounts

UCSF does not require journal preparers to populate Fund, Dept ID, Project, and Function for journal lines posting to balance sheet accounts (asset and liability account types). However, when reporting financial activity to UCOP, the new CCOA requires that all transactions include Fund codes.

To meet CCOA requirements, UCSF will post an automated fund allocation journal (using Journal Source Code 579) at month end to populate transactions with Fund 5018 if no Fund has been used. Journal Preparers will not need to change their procedures for recording these transactions.


How to Prepare for the July 1 Implementation

All users of PeopleSoft Financials, including the Research Administration System and Capital Asset Management, should expect a system outage on Saturday, July 1, 2023. An IT Service Desk Notification will be distributed to PeopleSoft users with further details.

In order to prepare for these system changes, please note the following dates:

  • Chartfield requests affecting the June and fiscal year-end close must be submitted by June 23, 2023.
  • Departments can resume submitting chartfield requests for Fiscal Year 2023-24 after July 1, 2023.

The Combo Edit Rules reference guide on the Controller’s Office website will be updated to reflect these changes prior to the July 1 CCOA implementation.

If you have questions or need assistance recording financial transactions, contact the Controller’s Office Accounting and Reporting team.