HBS to Reflect UCPath Lived Name Update

On June 20, 2023, the HBS timekeeping system will display an employee’s full lived name when one is recorded in UCPath. After a prior enhancement in May 2021, HBS currently displays a lived or preferred first name on timesheets when one is recorded in UCPath. HBS will align with the June UCPath Lived Name implementation to display the full lived name on all screens across the timekeeping system.

Searching by name in HBS will search an employee’s lived name as it is recorded in UCPath. Enhanced HBS search functionality will enable users to search for employees using either their last name, UCSF ID, or UCPath Employee ID (Empl ID). The best way to search for employees in HBS beginning June 20 is to use one of their ID numbers.

No action in HBS is needed by users at go-live. If you have questions, please contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.