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  • This reference details a history of enhancements to the Award Verification Tool. See Using the Award Verification Tool to view detailed instructions on using this application. April 2024 April 2024 enhancements to the web version of the Award Verification Tool: 1. Buttons to verify individual awards and review individual projects are replaced by checkboxes. Save time by selecting multiple awards or projects before verifying or reviewing. 2. Verify and review buttons in section headers have a new color scheme to enhance visibility.
  • Read about UCSF's new award verification procedure being implemented in April, 2021. Award verification is UCSF's procedure to support Principal Investigators (PIs) in meeting the requirements of the Uniform Guidance for federal awards.
  • This 6 minute video provides a brief introduction to the award verification process at UCSF and introduces the new Award Verification Tool. 
  • Uniform Guidance reformed federal government procedures for assistance awards (e.g., grants and cooperative agreements) with the goal to increase accountability and transparency while reducing the administrative burden on award recipients. As a result, many peer organizations have implemented alternatives to effort reporting. Learn about alternatives to effort reporting under Uniform Guidance and how the award verification procedures being implemented at UCSF will leverage new and existing controls to meet the requirements of federal awards.
  • PIs and their research/support teams across UCSF have unique needs. The new Award Verification Tool, deployed on April 12, 2021, was designed to be flexible to meet the varied needs of different research teams. A critical planning step for award verification will be to determine how each research team will work together and use the Tool to ensure the verification of each sponsored award at least quarterly. In this session, we will highlight considerations for incorporating the Award Verification Tool into local business practices.
  • Award verification presentation materials are available for RSAs, department administrators, and others interested in sharing details locally about the Award Verification project. MyAccess login is required. If you have questions, email [email protected].
  • Award Principal Investigators (as documented in RAS) can view data, enter comments, review projects, and verify awards. Project Principal Investigators and Program Managers (as documented in RAS) can view data, enter comments, and review projects.  Multiple Principal Investigators (as documented in RAS) can view data and enter comments. Research Services Analysts (as assigned in RAS) can view data and enter comments.
  • Contents Guidelines for Using the Award Verification Tool Before You Verify a Sponsored Award Using Comments Using Award Verification Tool Reports Reviewing Non-Sponsored Projects Guidance for Selected Circumstances and Cost Categories Actions During Award Lifecycle Select Cost Categories Requiring Additional Oversight
  • Contents Roles and Access Award Verification Procedure and Timing General Ledger Verification Reports Additional Resources
  • Review answers to common questions about award verification.
  • To access the web version Log into MyAccess (opens in new window) and DUO multi-factor authentication, if prompted. Select Award Verification Tool from the applications list. If necessary, click Manage Favorites to find and save the Award Verification Tool to your list of applications.
  • Use this checklist to assess your readiness to begin using the Award Verification Tool in April 2021 and as new sponsored awards are funded and set up in the Research Administration System (RAS).  More information is available on the Get Ready for Award Verification web page.
  • Function/Feature/Data Web Version Mobile Version UCSF VPN Required Not required Save a default Principal Investigator or Program Manager to view Available Not available Verify awards and Review projects Can verify multiple awards or review multiple projects with one action Can verify a single award or review a single project at a time Quarterly Award Verifications Due Section on dashboard Direct Balance Without Liens displayed
  • Issue Platform Mitigation Plan Resolution When using the Send and Email feature to email comments from the mobile app, comments entered with line breaks (by tapping the Return button) appear in the email message with "<BR>" in place of each line break. Mobile   This is a known issue with iOS 14.x versions 14.6 and higher. Upgrade to iOS version 15 to resolve. Users receive a "Stale Request" error when logging into the mobile app. Mobile   Closing and relaunching the mobile app will resolve the issue.
  • System Availability The Award Verification Tool is available 24/7/365 except during the following regularly scheduled maintenance and data load windows: Every Saturday from 10 p.m. to Sunday at 10 a.m. Monthly before each data load from 10 p.m. the night before to 7 a.m. the day data becomes available. Other scheduled Award Verification Tool outages will be listed in the News and Announcements as information becomes available. Users will receive a "page not found" error message when the system is unavailable. 
  • Access resources and training to view details, steps, demonstrations, or try actions available in the Award Verification Tool.
  • UCSF will implement a new award verification procedure in April 2021 to support Principal Investigators in meeting the requirements of Uniform Guidance for federal awards. Following are detailed considerations you can consider now to get ready to use the Award Verification Tool in April. Or you can choose to follow a more focused look at how to Get Ready for Award Verification. 
  • Learn what you can do now to get ready to use the Award Verification Tool beginning in April.
  • The Award Verification Tool was designed with built-in flexibility to meet the varied needs of research teams. The following workflow process diagrams illustrate a few of the ways to integrate the award verification process and use of the Award Verification Tool into local financial procedures. Your local award verification process and role assignments should complement and leverage your existing procedures such as PI/RSA meetings, and BSR or other financial reports.  Keep in mind that not all awards and projects within a PI's portfolio need to follow the same process; apply the process that best fits the specific situation.