MyReports Advisory Group Members

Campus Reports

Name Control Point Department Email
Ellyn Woo IGHS H_GHS - Central Admin [email protected]
Diana Cresci IGHS H_GHS - Central Admin [email protected]
Cecilia Chang SON Dean's Office [email protected]
Tiffany Nguyen SON Dean's Office [email protected]
Renee Jiang SOP Clinical Pharmacy [email protected]
Rosalie Pinco SOP Pharmaceutical Chemistry [email protected]
Pauline Chin SOD CTB [email protected]
Eugenia Yamasaki SOD OFS [email protected]
Olena Akerman EVCP EVCP Bus Services [email protected]
Rosa Lam EVCP EVCP Bus Services [email protected]
Sharon Cheng SOM Surgery [email protected]
Bridget Fleming SOM/SOD Microbiology and Immunology in SOM (50%)
Cell and Tissue Biology in SOD (50%)
[email protected]
Denise Lau SOM Dean’s Office [email protected]
Malena Ryan SOM Radiology [email protected]
Rita Way SOM Osher Center [email protected]
Shirley Yu SOM Neurology [email protected]
Branden Zhu SOM Pathology [email protected]
James Kang Devl Development [email protected]
Neil Ricafrente Devl Development [email protected]
Steve Stugard FAS Finance Service Center [email protected]
Mark Niu FAS Finance Service Center [email protected]

UCSF Health Reports

Name Email
Andrea Parrish [email protected]
Chris Holland [email protected]
Christa Joseph [email protected]
Corey Wilson [email protected]
Dan Henroid [email protected]
Daniel Wandres [email protected]
Eva-Marie Turner [email protected]
Florlina Agudelo [email protected]
Janelle Smith [email protected]
Jason Selinger [email protected]
Julius Heilman [email protected]
Louise McCool [email protected]
Marisa Quinn [email protected]
Meredith Ballotta [email protected]
Nina Pitts [email protected]
Rita Ogden [email protected]
Syna Chhan [email protected]
Tristin Penland [email protected]
Wayne Little [email protected]