Establishing Cash Handlers

Establishing Cash Handlers

This article describes the requirements and procedures to establish Cash Handlers at UCSF.

Key Concepts

A Cash Handler is defined as any employee engaged in the handling of cash and cash equivalents, regardless of frequency, including those opening mail in which checks may be enclosed.

All departments, units, or other entities engaged in any form of cash handling activity are expected to comply with the provisions of UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-49: Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received and UCSF Campus Administrative Policy 300-14: Cashiering to the greatest extent practicable.

All employees whose duties include the handling of cash must be subjected to a background check for criminal convictions in accordance with BUS-49. Proof of completion of the background check must be maintained on file in the appropriate HR Service Center. Bondability must be maintained while the employee is in a cash handling area. Should an employee later be convicted of a crime, the conviction must be reported to Risk Management Services and the UCSF Police Department to determine whether bondability of the employee can be maintained. If bondability cannot be maintained, the employee must be transferred to a non-cash handling position.

Individual accountability must be maintained and documented for all cash handling procedures. Departments are responsible for ensuring all their Cash Handlers complete UCSF required mandatory training at least annually.

Procedures to Establish New Cash Handlers

Step 1: Complete Background Check

Cash handlers must have a background check on file.  Proof of background check completion must be maintained on file within the department as well as the appropriate HR Service Center.

  • Employees hired prior to March 13, 2017 who do not have a background check are required to complete a background check with the UCSF Police Department. 
  • Employees hired on or after March 13, 2017 have already completed a background check as part of the pre-employment process and therefore do not need to complete a new background check.

Step 2: Complete Training

Cash handlers are required to complete the online “UCSF Cash Handling Training” in the UC Learning Center upon hire or when job responsibilities change to include cash handling and then annually thereafter. Departments should ensure employees meet this obligation.

  • Supervisors and managers should assign this training using their manager dashboard in the UC Learning Center.
  • Supervisors and managers who cannot assign this course to the employee in the UC Learning Center must send an email request to [email protected] with the following details:
    • Employee's full name
    • Employee's email address
    • Employee's UCSF employee ID
    • Request the new cash handler be assigned to the UCSF Cash Handling Training course in the UC Learning Center

Step 3: Notify the Controller's Office Cash Operations Team

Departments should email the following information for any new cash handlers (new hires and when job responsibilities change to include cash handling) to the Controller's Office Cash Operations Team at [email protected]:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Deposit Location Number
  • Department Name
  • Dept ID
  • Department Box Number
  • Department Physical Address
  • Name of Supervisor/Manager