Monthly Accrual of Biweekly Payroll to Begin in FY2016-17

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2016-17, Payroll will change the way that accrual amounts for biweekly employees are posted to the General Ledger. The new accrual amounts will be posted monthly at the full chartstring level as part of the monthly payroll journal. A reversal of these accrual amounts will be posted to the General Ledger along with the actual payroll expenses in the next monthly payroll journal. The first biweekly payroll accruals in FY2016-17 will appear on the General Ledger in early September as part of the August monthly payroll journal posting. The new accrual amounts and accrual reversals will be visible in MyReports.

See the Payroll article for additional information and look to future editions of the Controller's Office Newsletter to learn more about the new biweekly payroll accrual process and to find out about training opportunities.