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Foreign Currency Award Procedures
Fluctuations in exchange rate can have a significant effect on the payments for sponsored research projects when projects are paid in foreign currency rather than U.S. dollars. UCSF has implemented specific guidelines to manage the risk associated with accepting awards in foreign currency. If the negotiated terms of the award require foreign currency payments over the award’s life, this condition will be disclosed and acknowledged by the department through an OSR informed consent memo.

At the time of award acceptance, the department will choose whether the financial risk associated with foreign currency exchange rates will be funded through a department discretionary fund or by adjusting the award budget (while maintaining the promised scope). For the full procedure, see the Foreign Currency Awards quick reference guide.

What is the Status of My Award?
Here is a quick and easy way to see the current status of an award sent to Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) for award set-up. All proposals and/or awards submitted to CGA for processing are sent as an agreement in the Centralized Agreement Contract Tracking and Approval System (CACTAS). CACTAS provides department users with the ability to:

  • Check status of award activities
  • Identify the analyst assigned to the action
  • Identify activity related to the award

To check the status of an award:

  • Open CACTAS
  • To find information in CACTAS, use the CACTAS Search Tool and enter one, or a combination of, the available criteria
    • From the search results, locate the current award activity and click on the CACTAS agreement number (e.g., CA-0092030) link to proceed
  • Open the agreement to:
    • Check status of award activities within the Information section next to the Status field

Current Award Status

  • Identify the CGA Analyst assigned to the action in the Summary section, see the CGA Analyst field

Assigned CGA Analyst

  • Identify activity related to the award in the Award Setup Notes, Open Activities and Activity History sections, view COI Status, PHS, Cleared by COI Date and COI Note fields

Award Setup Notes

Open Activities and Activity History