Enhancement to the Faculty Portfolio Monthly Report

An enhanced Faculty Portfolio Monthly Report will be available on the Faculty Portfolio tab on October 10. Based on input from the MyReports Advisory Group, the enhancements provide users more information and data viewing options:

  • More report views:
    • Faculty View delivers a summarized report free of chartfield code and description columns and includes additional subheaders and subtotals for personnel expenses
    • Analyst View provides a greater level of detail and more flexible filter options
  • More filter options:
    • New hybrid Account view is available that displays personnel expenses at Account level B and non-personnel expenses at Account level C
    • Ability to display or hide chartfield code columns
    • All HTML filter options are now available on the main filter page
  • More data:
    • Distribution percentages are included when showing employee names
    • Monthly running balances have been added for sponsored projects
    • Project start and end dates are included in the report header
    • Search result includes Dept ID

The enhancements to the Faculty Portfolio Monthly Report are significant and require users to clear their browser cache prior to running the report for the first time. Existing MyFavorites will not function with the enhanced report and will need to be updated after the enhanced report is released.

A revised job aid for the Faculty Portfolio Monthly Report will be available in the MyReports section of the Controller's Office website by October 10.