MyExpense Tips and Travel Policy Reminders

Be sure to follow these MyExpense tips and UC travel policy reminders to avoid delays in processing of your expense report so you receive your reimbursement quickly.

  • Selecting an Authorized Approver
    • If you are prompted for an Authorized Approver, enter an asterisk (*) in the field to see the list of Approvers who are authorized to approve expense reports being charged to the Department ID. Please make sure the appropriate Approver has been selected for the Dept ID/Cost Center.
    • Expense reports should not be approved by a person who reports directly or indirectly to the traveler
    • For more information, refer to page 5 of the MyExpense Approver Guide
  • Adding Additional Approvers - Your department may require an additional review prior to the Default Approver or you may need to add an Exception Approver after the Authorized Approver for certain expenses. MyExpense offers two options:
    • Add one or more Approvers before the designated Authorized Approver
    • Add one or more Approvers after the designated Authorized Approver
    • For more information on adding additional review steps for user added Approvers, refer to the job aid Submitting Your Expense Report in MyExpense
  • Timely Submission of Expense Report
    • All expense reports must be complete, accurate, and submitted within 45 days after the end of a trip to ensure timely reporting of expenses and to avoid potential IRS tax implications
    • Remember, by UC Policy expense reports are required for all trips regardless of the need for reimbursement
    • For more information refer to page 43, Reporting Period, of UC Travel Regulations Policy G-28
  • Required Receipts - The following receipts must be submitted with your expense report to comply with UC Travel Regulations Policy G-28:
    • All airline expenses
    • All lodging expenses
    • All car rental
    • All registration/seminar/conference fees (including an agenda, itemized receipt, or other supporting documentation)
    • Host gifts of $25 or more
    • All expenses over $75
    • Also check with your department about receipt requirements; departments may have more restrictive policies
  • Avoid submitting duplicate expense reports
    • Establish local procedures such as noting the expense report submission date on original receipts to prevent duplicate submission of an expense, and running a report in MyExpense for the individual to determine if an expense was previously submitted before creating a new expense report
    • When creating an expense report on behalf of someone else, please double check that the top of the MyExpense screen says “administering for _____” before you begin creating the expense report. If you start an expense report from your home page, MyExpense assumes the report is for you. Select the correct individual from the Profile drop down to avoid incorrectly creating a payment to yourself. If a payment is generated to the wrong individual, a refund check is required. For more information, please refer to the job aid Acting as a Delegate in MyExpense.

Check with your department about their locally established travel and reimbursement procedures and deadlines.

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