Changes to the Controller's Office Website

The UCSF Controller's Office website has been redesigned to better meet user needs. The new site provides:

  • Better search results, including the ability to search Newsletter articles
  • The most frequently accessed topics are available on the first screen
  • More user-friendly navigation
  • On screen calendar with options to display the most popular schedules and the ability to download to your Outlook calendar
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Increased accessibility
  • Consistency with UCSF branding

As part of the redesign project, content has been updated and new information was added to provide users with a better overview of important topics. We hope you will find using the new Controller's Office website easier and more informative. If you cannot locate a topic, find an error, or if you have suggestions or comments about the website contact the Controller's Office webmaster.

Annotated overview of Controller's Office home page