New Expense Subtotals Available in the Monthly Report

Based on input from the MyReports Advisory Group, the Monthly Report has been enhanced to allow for the display of subtotal records in expenses.  A new checkbox filter “Show Expense Subtotals” has been added to the Report Specific Filters section.  Selecting this filter will generate and display subtotals for payroll (account nodes 5000B, 5040B, and 5080B) and non-payroll expenses.

The new expense subtotal functionality may be implemented in additional reports, watch for updates on this effort in future editions of the Controller's Office Newsletter.

The Monthly Report (job aid) is located on the Operational Reports tab and displays monthly Actuals, Forecast, and variances to Plan.  Users may need to clear their browser’s cache in order to take advantage of the enhancement.

If you have questions about this new filter or the Monthly Report, contact the Controller's Office Solution Center.