Training for UCSF Cash Handling Updated

We are pleased to announce that UCSF's cash handling training program has been updated. The updated UCSF Cash Handling Training eCourse is now available in the UC Learning Center. This training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is required annually for anyone who handles cash or cash equivalents.

All cash handlers who completed the previous version of the training have been automatically enrolled in the updated training and are required to complete it by their next annual due date. You will receive an automatic reminder when your annual training is due along with instructions on how to access the new course. An immediate notification will be sent if your certification has expired.

Additionally, supervisors or managers can assign this training in the UC Learning Center by opening the My Team menu and selecting the Manager Dashboard link.

If you have questions about the cash handling training program, contact the Cash Handling & Credit Cards Team. If you have technical difficulties using the UC Learning Center, contact Controller's Office Training Manager Michael Burgess.