Reminder: Routing of All Sponsored Research and Institutional Loan Check Payments to New Lockbox

As reported in the April 2018 Controller’s Office Newsletter, Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) implemented a lockbox service with Bank of America for all sponsored research and institutional loan checks. This service requires checks to be sent directly to the bank. The Controller’s Office has seen a high rate of adoption of this new practice, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation as we transition to the new service.

While all sponsors and all students with institutional loan balances have been notified, please encourage sponsors and students to send all check payments for sponsored research (including clinical trial payments), institutional loan checks (including emergency loans), and stipend refund checks to:

Post Office Remittance Address (U.S. Postal Service deliveries):

P.O. Box 748872
Los Angeles, CA 90074-4872

Overnight Mail (courier services requiring a street address):

Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox 748872
2706 Media Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90065-1733

Phone: 800-376-2703

Our bank will scan the checks, deposit the funds, and make the data available to authorized employees of the Controller’s Office via an online system. Adoption of this procedure improves customer service, increases efficiency, provides a single source of information for payments, and reduces risk of loss.

As a reminder, if you do receive a check payment for sponsored research (including clinical trial payments), an institutional loan check (including emergency loans), or a stipend refund check directly, you should not process the deposit. Instead, UCSF departments should send all checks received to the lockbox addresses above.

If you have any questions, contact the Contracts and Grants Accounting Service Desk.