Escalation Process for Overdue Effort Reporting Certifications Begins in November

October 28, 2018 was the deadline for effort reporting certifications for the January 1 to June 30, 2018 period.  If you have not yet certified, please complete the certification process as soon as possible so UCSF meets the required 100% certification rate.

CGA is beginning to distribute periodic escalating notifications as described in the Effort Report Escalation Process.  The first notifications are being sent to department Effort Reporting Coordinators (ERCs).  Notifications will then be sent to Principal Investigators (PIs) and department financial administrators, and finally to department chairs.  The goal of the process is to help ensure all UCSF effort reports are certified within 120 days of the end of the effort reporting period, and to prevent moving charges associated with uncertified reports to the department that owns the award.  

This review by CGA is a secondary control to ensure the timeliness of effort reports. Primary control resides with the department, who is responsible for establishing and maintaining a business process to certify effort reports on a timely basis. As a reminder, University policy requires Principal Investigators and other faculty to certify their own effort reports since they are in the best position to understand how they spend their time in support of the various activities in which they are engaged. Also, effort reports of staff employees who work for more than one Principal Investigator should have the “Report requires multiple certifications” box checked on the effort report to ensure that the effort report is accurately certified.

Department managers should review their departmentally assigned Effort Report Coordinator (ERC), and ask their Access Administrators to update as necessary to ensure the ERS point of contact for all certification, monitoring, and compliance issues is accurate.

The Effort Reporting System is accessed through MyAccess. If you have login or other technical issues, contact the IT Help Desk at 415-514-4100, option 2. If you have questions or concerns about the effort reporting process, the effort reporting follow-up process, or if you are uncertain about how to proceed or obtain recertification, contact Contracts & Grants Compliance.