Sponsored Research Cost Transfer Journals – Source Code 545 and 547

Journal source codes indicate the purpose of a PeopleSoft transaction and are used to identify transactions required for external reporting by UCSF. As cost transfer transactions are highly scrutinized by our sponsors, unique journal source codes 545 and 547 have been created to identify and track cost transfer activity for sponsored research. In addition, these cost transfer journal source codes facilitate capturing the full cost of research for strategic external reporting.

Cost transfers involving sponsored awards should only be processed by journal using either source code 545 or 547 and must conform to UCSF Cost Accounting Standards.  Consult the following guidelines for additional information. The job aid, Entering Sponsored Research Cost Transfer Journals - Regular (Source code 545) and Exception (Source code 547), provides further instructions.

Regular Cost Transfer Journals (Source Code 545)

Cost transfer journal source code 545 should be used to:

  1. correct erroneous transactions when the original source document or subsequent transaction contained incorrect information such as account code or function,
  2. redistribute or reallocate certain recharge expenses, such as rent that are billed to a central department and then need to be proportionally applied to other activities, projects, or programs, or
  3. record a change in use of goods or services, for example equipment originally ordered for and charged to a teaching program, but subsequently required by and transferred to a research project.

Cost transfer journal source code 545 may also be used to transfer retroactive expenses due to unexpected delay in contract negotiations. In these circumstances, an advance should be obtained as soon as possible to avoid the need for retroactive transfers.

Source code 545 may also be used to transfer unallowable costs to a current unrestricted departmental chartstring.

Exception Cost Transfer Journals (Source Code 547)

Cost transfer journal source code 547 is used to transfer exceptional payroll expense, including vacation accrual between Activity Periods with the same Award Project.

Source code 547 is also used to transfer true cost overruns--those where an Award Project’s overrun contains only allowable and appropriate costs under the terms of the Award agreement. For example, the one-time transfer of a deficit to a current unrestricted departmental chartstring to close an expired Award Project.

Source code 535 should NOT be used for transferring expenses onto or off of sponsored research.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact CGA Compliance at 415.476.1462 or [email protected].