Campus Account Request Form Now Available

A new Campus Account Request Form is now available in the Accounting & Reporting Forms section of the Controller's Office website. This form streamlines the process for both requesting a new Account and updating an existing Account Description. Use of the form makes it easy for individuals to submit all information needed, eliminating additional requests and facilitating accurate setup of the Account in PeopleSoft and on the account tree.

A new Account will be considered when:

  • no existing Account describes the transaction;
  • a unique Account is necessary to facilitate reporting or management decisions;
  • activity is common to multiple departments;
  • activity is anticipated to be greater than $100,000 per fiscal year.

Examples of appropriate account additions or changes include:

  • creating a new Account to record a new UCSF benefit program;
  • creating a new Account to record a new fee assessment.

New Accounts must be coordinated with your Control Point. Only Control Points may submit the new Account Request Form to Accounting & Reporting for review. The Accounting & Reporting team will facilitate the approval process with all required individuals (for example, to be reviewed by Contracts & Grants Accounting for F&A inclusion). New Accounts will be approved on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified when the new Account has been created or if there are any questions.

If you have any questions, please contact General Accounting & Reporting at [email protected].