Faculty Portfolio Projections Tool Retiring in 2020

After consultations and discussions with the Control Point Financial Officers, a decision has been made to retire the Faculty Portfolio Projections tool in 2020. Factors considered in this decision include the tool's declining use over time and the adoption of other tools for tracking projections.

Advance notice is being provided to give Control Points and current users time to select an alternative solution. Faculty Portfolio Projections users can continue to use the projections tool until its retirement, currently planned for February 2020.

The MyReports Faculty Portfolio suite of reports will continue to display project budgets/revenue, expenses, and other changes for sponsored projects and other faculty controlled funding, but will be retrofitted to remove projections. The Faculty Monthly Rolling Projections Report, which only contains projections, will be retired in conjunction with the projections tool.

Look for updates on the timing of the projections tool retirement in future editions of the Controller’s Office Newsletter.