Childbearing and Childrearing Leave Mechanics for HSCP Faculty

Effective July 1, 2019, UCSF began providing 12 weeks of paid leave for both childbearing (CB) and childrearing (CR) leave to Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) faculty. To provide funding to support leaves, the campus began an assessment on faculty salaries of 1.25% beginning July 2019.

Assessment Details

The initial assessment rate of 1.25% will automatically be applied as a PeopleSoft allocation to X, X’, and Y salaries for qualified Title Codes (HSCP) by assessing salaries recorded on HCOMP accounts (50101, 50102, 50103, 50104). A financial journal will be generated at the end of each month, in the same month as the salary payment, with the following details:

  • CB/CR assessments will be recorded using account 50753
  • Account 21422 will be used for the CB/CR reserve pool

Leave Request Notification

Departments should not make changes to salary funding sources related to CB or CR transactions. Following the leave request process will ensure the Payroll office is notified of qualified leaves and will initiate processing of leave assessment transactions:

  1. Department submits a leave request form to HR
  2. HR Generalist obtains School and Vice Provost of Academic Affairs (VPAA) approval for leave
  3. HR Generalist records leave in payroll system, using the following OLPPS leave types:
    • "21" for childbearing
    • "20" for childrearing


On a monthly basis the Payroll office will identify the HSCP faculty population on a qualified CB or CR leave and will transfer off the associated X, X’ and Y salary and benefit expenses from the faculty member's chartstring(s) to a clearing chartstring:

  • The transfer will be made by Payroll Expense Transfer Uploader (PETU) the following month, moving the salary and benefits to a Payroll clearing chartstring: 5018-505100-3333333-72
  • The Payroll clearing chartstring will be offset by the CB/CR reserve pool
  • The transactions between the reserve pool and payroll clearing chartstring will be on the relief expense accounts:
    • Debit: CB/CR pool (liability account 21422)
    • Credit: Leave assessment relief (salary relief account 50754, benefit relief account 50755)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the reimbursement credit the faculty member’s specific chartstring(s) charged during leave?

Yes, the PETU moving off the salary and benefit expenses will reference the earning lines that paid their X, X’, and Y salary and related benefits and relieve those fund sources.

What if a childbearing/childrearing leave is approved and begins before July 1, 2019 and continues after July 1, 2019?

If the childbearing/childrearing leave is entered correctly in OLPPS with the appropriate Leave Types, any leave in July and after will be captured and reimbursed automatically via financial journal. Leave occurring before July 1, 2019 will not be reimbursed.

How will I know if my fund source has been relieved for a faculty member on a qualified childbearing/childrearing leave?

In MyReports, run the Distribution of Payroll Expense Report (DPE) to search for PETUs processed for your faculty by entering the chartstring 5018-505100-3333333-72 and searching by the faculty’s home department.


If you have additional questions about the assessment process, contact the Controller's Office Solution Center. For questions regarding childbearing leave and childrearing leave policies and procedures, contact the Office of Academic Affairs and Faculty Development and Advancement or your HR Representative.