Learn About UCPath at UCSF

As announced by Chancellor Hawgood last month, the UCPath Executive Leadership Team has approved a new go-live date for UCSF. UCPath will deploy at UCSF with the June 1, 2020 payday.

The UCSF UCPath project team is busy preparing the infrastructure, data feeds, system, and support for UCPath. Much more information will be shared in the coming months. As we get closer to go-live, customized learning paths and training materials will be announced across multiple communication channels, including the Controller's Office Newsletter, and will be accessible via the UCPath website.

What you can do now to prepare for UCPath

The UCPath website serves as a central information resource, designed to keep the UCSF community informed about the implementation of UCPath at UCSF. Key audiences, including all employees, managers and supervisors, and department administrators, can visit the website now to learn more about how UCPath will impact them. The website will be updated with further details including previews of UCPath online in the months leading to go-live.

To learn more about UCPath and to sign up for the UCPath project listserv, go to ucpath.ucsf.edu.