Change to the 2019 Biweekly Benefits Deduction Schedule

While there are 26 biweekly pay cycles each year, benefits premiums for biweekly paid employees are only deducted from 24 paydays each year. Each year two paydays, referred to as benefit holidays, are designated to have no benefits premiums deducted. Benefit holidays generally occur when three biweekly pay period end dates fall within the same month.

To ensure that 24 benefits deductions are made in calendar year 2019, the scheduled benefit holiday for the December 11, 2019 payday will be eliminated. Benefit holidays for 2019 occurred with the January 9, 2019 and July 10, 2019 paydays.

On the December 11, 2019 payday, we will take the first half of January 2020 premiums for health deductions and the first half of December 2019 FSA/DepCare deductions. An updated Biweekly Benefits Deduction Schedule can be found on the Controller’s Office website.