New Features Added to the General Ledger (GL) Verification Tool

Based on valuable feedback from our community of users, several new features will become available in March, with the upload of February 2020 data. Enhancements are designed to further increase usability, to support the review of sponsored project data, and to integrate with the General Ledger to streamline the journal correction process.

Starting this month, users can take advantage of the following new features:

  • Filter data and save filter views, without the need to select Department first, to verify monthly expenses by:
    • Award or Project
    • Project Manager or Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Use a new integration with PeopleSoft General Ledger to initiate the following types of journal corrections directly from the GL Verification Tool:
    • Sponsored research cost transfers (source code 545)
    • Non-sponsored cost transfers (source code 535)
    • Once approved in PeopleSoft General Ledger, journal entries initiated from the GL Verification Tool will be posted as part of the nightly batch processing.
  • View the Verification Status report by Project, Project Manager, or PI.
  • Assign the Viewer role to users. These users can search for and view transactions in the GL Verification Tool but cannot perform verification or approval activities, add comments, upload documents, or perform cost transfers.

Users will receive an email notification when February 2020 data are available for review. Consult the General Ledger (GL) Verification Tool Enhancement Summary to read more about these and other GL Verification Tool enhancements.

If you have comments or questions, contact the GLV team at [email protected].