HBS: New Pay Codes for Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and Pay Continuation

New HBS Pay Codes are now available to record leaves related to COVID-19. The table below lists HBS Pay Codes by leave type and maps them to the corresponding PPS DOS Codes and UCPath Earnings Codes used for payroll processing.

Leave Type

HBS Pay Code


UCPath Earnings Code

UC Expanded Paid Administrative Leave (PAL)

  • COVID 19 Paid Admin Leave

RGC (Regular Paid Leave)

  • Salaried: RGC (REG Paid Leave-Salaried)
  • Hourly: RVN (REG Paid Leave-Hourly)

FFCRA Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL)

  • COVID EPSL Employee

EPS (Emergency Paid Sick Leave – EE)

  • Salaried: EPS (Emergency Paid Sick Leave - EE)
  • Hourly: ESN (Emergency Paid Sick Leave - EE)
  • COVID EPSL Family
  • COVID EPSL Family - EFML
ESF (Emergency Paid Sick Leave – Family)
  • Salaried: ESF (Emergency Paid Sick Leave – Family)
  • Hourly: EFN (Emergency Paid Sick Leave – Family)

FFCRA Expanded Family and Medical Leave (EFML)


EFL (Expanded Family Medical Leave)

  • Salaried: EFL (Expanded Family Medical Leave)
  • Hourly: EMN (Expanded Family Medical Leave)

Pay Continuation

  • COVID Pay Continuation

REG (Regular Earnings)

  • Salaried: RPC (Reg. Paid Continuation - Salary)
  • Hourly: RPN (Reg. Paid Continuation - Hourly)

For UCSF Health employees the cost center 875302 will be automatically added when an employee selects any of the COVID-19 related pay codes in HBS.

If an employee has already recorded COVID-19 leave as Other Paid Leave/Absences (OPA) in HBS and indicated a COVID-19 leave on the timesheet notes, an automatic retro was triggered in HBS to change the OPA leave to the indicated leave.

Consult the following resources and support contacts for recording COVID-19 related leaves: