Vacation Maximum Grace Period Exception

The Vacation/PTO Maximum Grace Period Exception that was granted in April continues to be in effect through August, 2020. Employees who reached their vacation/PTO max prior to June 1 were automatically granted a grace period in UCPath. UC Office of the President announced a newly approved temporary program that allows policy-covered employees additional time to accrue vacation leave. On June 29, 2020, President Napolitano approved a temporary increase to that four-month extension for eligible staff, effective retroactively from June 1 through December 31, 2020.

Now that we are live on UCPath we must follow a new business process for requesting a grace period exception for those employees who are not eligible for the temporary program announced by the President. Represented and PTO earning employees who are approaching or have reached their leave accrual max after June 1 must complete a COVID 19 Vacation/PTO Accrual Extension Form and submit the form to the Payroll Office in order to be granted a grace period exception. The form does not require any additional approvals prior to submitting to the Payroll Office for processing.

Employees who have been granted a grace period and who have a vacation/PTO balance over the max will see their vacation/PTO hours converted into two entitlement buckets in UCPath:

  • Vacation/PTO: This entitlement bucket will maintain vacation hours up to the maximum.
  • Additional Vacation/PTO: This entitlement bucket will maintain hours over the maximum.

Employees will continue to accrue hours over the maximum during the grace period. When the grace period ends, new accruals will stop and employees will no longer see additions to these accruals. New additions to these accruals will resume once balances fall below the vacation/PTO max. UCPath contains logic to decrement the “Addl Vacation/PTO” entitlement bucket first when recording any usage.

Please view the Review My Leave Balance tutorial for instructions on navigating to your balance in UCPath Online.

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