Payroll Services Contacts

Payroll Customer Service & Compliance
Service Email Fax Phone
Duplicate W-2 & Record of Earnings [email protected] 415.920.2514 415.476.2126
E-Verify [email protected] 415.920.2514 415.476.2126
Employment Service Credit [email protected] 415.920.2514 415.476.2126
Form I-9 - USCIS [email protected] 415.920.2514 415.476.2126
Oath & Patent [email protected] 415.920.2514 415.476.2126
Subpoenas [email protected] 415.920.2514 415.476.2126
WebPAN Requests [email protected] 415.920.2514 415.476.2126
Payroll Processing Unit
Service Email Fax Phone
Administrative Delay Payments/Pay Advance/Final & Rush Checks [email protected] 415.920.2513
Block Requests [email protected] 415.920.2513
Interlocation/Multilocation Transfers and Appointments [email protected] 415.920.2513
Payroll Expense Transfer [email protected] 415.920.2513
PPS Training [email protected] 415.920.2513
Retroactive Adjustments & Overpayments (LX/RX) [email protected] 415.920.2513
Stop Payments [email protected] 415.920.2513
Unclaimed Checks [email protected] 415.920.2513
Payroll Benefits Unit
Service Email Fax Phone
Benefit and Miscellaneous Payroll Deductions and Refunds [email protected] 415.920.2512
Child and Spousal Support Orders [email protected] 415.920.2512
Conexis FSA Inquiries [email protected] 415.920.2512
Deceased Employee Cases [email protected] 415.920.2512
Leave and Disability Processing [email protected] 415.920.2512
UPAY 850 Processing [email protected] 415.920.2512
Wage Assignments & IRS Levies [email protected] 415.920.2512
Payroll Accounting
Service Email Fax Phone
Account Reconciliation [email protected]
Distribution of Payroll Expense (DPE) [email protected]
Employer Benefit Assessments [email protected]
Glacier Administration, CINTAX [email protected]
Nonresident Tax Compliance [email protected]
Postdoc Billing Coordination [email protected]
Payroll Systems Support
Service Email Fax Phone
OLPPS and HBS Systems Support [email protected]
HBS Timekeeping System
Service Email Fax Phone
Functional Support [email protected] 415.476.2126
Technical Support 415.514.4100