UCSF Financial Systems

Software systems support most of our financial, educational and research actions. The Controller’s Office provides business support for the following financial systems:

  • The Award Verification Tool provides a system for Principal Investigators to meet requirements to verify all sponsored awards at least quarterly.
  • General Ledger (GL) Verification Online Tool streamlines the general ledger verification process with the goal of ensuring overall reasonableness of department financials.
  • HBS Timekeeping System is an online time and attendance system for use by all academic and administrative staff (exempt and non-exempt employees) who earn leave.
  • MyReports is UCSF's campus-wide reporting solution that provides financial and human resources data for users at all levels of our organization.  MyReports includes data beginning with Fiscal Year 2013-14.
  • UCPath is the University of California's payroll, academic personnel and human resources system for all UC employees. 
  • PeopleSoft is a financial system that encompasses transactions for payment (Accounts Payable), sponsored project proposal and award management (Research Administration System or RAS), journals (General Ledger), and equipment asset tracking (Asset Management).

Requesting Access to Systems

  • Only Department Access Administrators may request access to the GL Verification Online Tool, HBS, MyReports, PeopleSoft, and UCPath
    • To find your Department Access Administrators, go to PeopleSoft and select the Department Roles View from the PeopleSoft menu or use the Department Roles look up in the Financial/Payroll Codes & Data Lookup tool.
    • Training is required for access to PeopleSoft journals and UCPath roles.
  • Department Access Administrators use the Access Management System (instructions) to request access to the GL Verification Online Tool, MyReports, PeopleSoft, and UCPath, as well as BearBuy and UPlan. Access Administrators use PeopleSoft to validate current user roles every six months for PeopleSoft Financials and UCPath. The Access Management System is available via MyAccess.
  • Access to the Award Verification Tool is provisioned automatically based on award and project assignments in RAS and the Financial role in MyReports.

System Access Policies

Access to, and use of, University electronic information resources must be performed in a manner that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of University resources and must be conducted in full compliance with federal and state law and University policies. Access Administrators and Central Campus units that grant access to financial and personnel data are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that access is granted in accordance with University of California policies and that only Authorized and Authenticated staff is granted access.
  • Periodic review of work by staff with access to confidential data to ensure such data is secured and not inappropriately shared or misused.
  • Fully informing staff of their responsibility to hold such information confidential.
  • Timely review of access privileges and for revoking access privileges upon termination or when job duties no longer require a legitimate business reason for access.
  • Ensuring access for affiliates follows established policy and is limited to affiliates who require access to enable the University to operate efficiently and/or for departments to process payments or other financial transactions related to the affiliate.

Sharing of sensitive electronic information with University administrative units is allowed for legitimate business needs. However, permission for access to information or release and/or disclosure of information should be granted in conformance with University policy and applicable laws by the University authority that has been assigned overall management responsibility for the information.

Support Contacts

Contact the Controller's Office Solution Center for help with the following systems:

  • HBS Timekeeping System (functional questions)
  • MyReports
  • UCPath

Email [email protected] for help with the GL Verification Online Tool.

Email [email protected] for help with the Award Verification Tool.

Contact the IT Help Desk for help with the following systems

  • HBS Timekeeping System (technical questions)
  • PeopleSoft