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Provides single point of contact support to campus departments, employees, suppliers, and others to resolve inquiries related to most Controller’s Office functions and systems including:

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Frequently Requested Support

  • UCSF uses The Work Number to provide employment and income verifications for employees. The Work Number is a secure, automated service providing employees with the ability to quickly deliver proof of employment or income to authorized verifiers. The Work Number is available 24 hours a day,...
  • All UCSF employees are strongly encouraged to set up electronic direct deposit to receive their payroll earnings by direct deposit to their bank account on payday. Employees will enjoy several advantages when using this preferred payment method: Fast – earnings are available in your...
  • If you did not receive your paycheck, have a damaged paycheck, or have a paycheck more than 180 days old, please contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center for assistance. Paychecks Not Received Due to Administrative Error The Controller's Office Solution Center (COSC) will help...